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Fun In The Sun

  Welcome to the International Arkanoid Championship homepage! I am the current and 2 time champion of the International Arkanoid Championship, the world’s premier Arkanoid competition, held, olympic like, once every 4 years. My winning score was an unparalleled 94,190 points. The 2003 IAC was held 12/21/2002 in Orinda, California’s storied Canada Town where players representing 10 countries battled it out on the 8-bit Nintendo.
The Man on the right was soundly defeated.
Although athletes played for such noble countries as France, Bahrain, Vatican City, and The Orient, the honorably shameful title of “Loser” went again to the man on the right, playing for Canada. His top losing score was a mere 52,440 points. This earns him the coveted ranking of “LAST”
Thank you. Thank you.
It is a real honor to be the reigning Arkanoid Champion, as Arkanoid is one of my favorite games! I even have the Famicom cartridge and Japanese Arkanoid controller! But all I needed to beat my pitiful opponent into submission was a simple American NES cart and a standard controller.
Don’t be! If you came here looking for Arkanoid info, I have just the thing. Codes! Pictures! Rare info! Fun!

To skip a level in Arkanoid, press START and A at the same time. Works up to level 16.

To continue after you have lost all your lives, quickly hold both A and B and press select 5 times. Then press Start!

Using this method I played through the whole game! Arkanoid has 36 levels, the final one being a boss who shoots playing cards at you until you hit him 40 times with your ball. Take that foul beast!

After killing him, you are given resolution to the story you didn’t know you were playing. Rest assured, “time started flowing reversely”

Without codes, my highest non tournament score is 195,630 points and playing to level 10. (11/19/02)

The ROM of the game that is widely distributed on the net has a flaw that gives the player unlimited lives.

If you’re going to get roms, I recommend CrackOut, a brilliantly bad Arkanoid imitation that I think they probably sold two copies of on an actual cartridge. In Crack Out you use your ball to kill the adorable horizontal shuffling Crackzilla seen in my gif to the right.

To gain the full spiritual peace and cosmic insight the game has to offer, it is necessary to play the old school Nintendo sit on the floor version.

Now here's Bub from Bubble Bobble. Zoooom!

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  Jigging Crackzilla!

From Arkanoid knockoff game Crack-Out

All gifs handmade by me for your pleasure.

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